Aguanga Flash Flood Tuesday Sept 13th 2011

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Late Tuesday afternoon the higher elevations of the Aguanga and Anza areas experienced a furious thunderstorm that produced a flash flood and heavy hailstorm. Hail was reported to be over one inch in diameter and the rain I measured was over 3.5 inches. Tremendous erosion resulted on the roads and around the homes. Most of the rain fell in a period of one hour or less.The resulting flash flood has left the Elder Creek community with no main road and very difficult navigation. Below I have posted a few pictures courtesy of Bill Wallace.

Elder Creek Road approaching OCA Site
Submarines & Mars Rovers Wanted !!!
OCA Site next to Kyle's Observatory looking North
Care for a stroll in teh dark?
Strong hail beat off the foliage on the Red Shank
Helmets required during hail storms!

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